How to Brew Coffee Using French Press

The French Press is one of the most simple and inexpensive methods to make coffee at home. Most home baristas started off using french press since it is easy to brew, consistent and very reliable.

Its classic design hasn’t changed much since its invention in the 1950s and is ideal for making smooth, rich and heavy-bodied coffee. If you are new to the french press, here are 5 simple tips how to make a good cup of coffee using french press!

5 Simple Tips to Brew Coffee using French Press

Water to Coffee Ratio

We have always emphasized the importance of water to coffee ratio.

Generally for French Press, we use 16g of ground coffee for every 300ml of water used. You may use 14g for a milder taste or use 18g for a stronger taste.

Grind Size

It is always recommended to grind your coffee beans just before brewing for the best flavor. Fresh roasted coffee beans are just as important, so you might want to consider using the best coffee beans in Singapore.

As the brewing time of the ground coffee takes around 4 minutes, we recommend using a medium size grind (similar to size of a breadcrumb) for a balanced extraction. A fine size grind with such a long brewing time will lead to over extraction which will create flavorless bitter coffee. The fine sediment also tends to get trapped in the plunger.

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Brewing Temperature

Kill the heat after boiling the water and wait till the water starts to settle. The temperature of the water will either make or break the quality of your brew. If the water is too hot, you will burn the coffee and it will taste bitter. If you wait too long and the water cools down too much, you might mess up with your brew and get under-extracted sour coffee.

You may also preheat your French Press to reduce heat loss during the brewing.

Time your Brew

Add ground coffee in the French Press before adding hot water. Start your timer as soon as you pour the hot water into the ground coffee. Stir gently but thoroughly to ensure no dry spots. Do not press the plunger at this stage.

We recommend a brewing time between 3.5 minutes to 4 minutes.

Press the Plunger Gently

When the timer ends, you can press the plunger down slowly and gently. If you feel a slight resistance when you’re plunging on it, back up the plunger a little bit and plunge it again until you get to the bottom. You should not be feeling too much resistance, this means your grind size is too fine since it clogs the plunger filter.

Once the plunger reaches the bottom, pour the coffee into your cup slowly for a clean brew.

Additional Tip

Make sure you clean your French Press each time after you brew. Old coffee grounds that would have no mercy on your fresh coffee and make it taste harsh and bitter.

What are your preferred type of roast for french brew? Do share with us in the comment sections below.