How to Brew The Perfect Aeropress Coffee

If you are looking for an easy and hassle-free method to brew your coffee, the Aeropress is perfect for you. It is portable and lightweight which makes it a great coffee brewing tool even when you are out camping or on a road trip.

It is similar to the French Press, but has been inspiring coffee lovers in different recipes and brewing techniques. There is even The World Aeropress Championship!

If you are new to using the Aeropress, here are 6 simple tips so you can learn how to make a good cup of coffee!

6 Simple Tips to Brew Coffee using Aeropress

1. Grind Coffee

Measure and grind 17g of coffee. One rounded AeroPress spoonful or about 2.5 tablespoons work just great when you don’t have a scale. Grind settings for AeroPress are between medium to fine, about as fine as table salt. If you go with coarser grounds, make sure you adjust the brewing time to slow down the extraction. The finer the grind, the quicker the flavor and aroma compounds will be extracted from the coffee.

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2. Set up the AeroPress Filter

Insert Aeropress filter to the plastic cap and secure everything onto the base of the AeroPress chamber. Rinse your filter with hot water. By doing so, it gets rid of any paper flavor and will warm everything up. If you want a clean and delicate cup of coffee, you could even use a double filtration. It will help to keep any sediment out of your brew and absorb the oils. But if you prefer coffee with full-bodied flavors, you may use a metal AeroPress filter instead.

3. Add water gradually and wait

Place the AeroPress directly onto the mug. Make sure it’s a solid and decent one because you will be putting a little pressure on it. Start your timer and add 50g of water -approximately up to level 3 mark. Use the Aeropress plastic paddle and relatively quickly stir forward and backward, left and right. Add remaining water and place a plunger in the Aeropress in just enough to seal the top and create a vacuum. Don’t plunge yet!

4. Press plunger

Only push the plunger down after 1 minute 30 minutes. This entire brewing process should take just under two minutes. Make sure you press with constant and steady pressure. Don’t move too slow, coffee is continuing to extract while you plunge, as it’s still in contact with water. Stop when you hear a hissing sound.

5. The Cleanup

Most home baristas enjoy using the AeroPress since it is so easy to clean. Simply remove the AeroPress cap and depress the plunger over your compost to pop out the grounds puck. Rinse everything with hot kettle water and you’re ready for your next brew.

6. Inverted AeroPress Brewing Method

Alternately, you can use the Inverted AeroPress brewing method. In this case, the Aeropress cap side would be facing up with the plunger on the bottom. You follow the same instruction we described with the same time frame, except the filter cap goes to the AeroPress chamber at the end of brewing. When the timer ends, flip the AeroPress over onto the mug, and press in the usual way.

Moments of Thought

The AeroPress will help to start your day with a perfect cup of coffee in hand wherever you are: at home, camping or on a road trip. Just remember every coffee comes with its own flavor profile, do consider using the best coffee beans in Singapore for the perfect overall taste.