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How to Steam the Perfect Frothed Milk for Latte Art

By Humming Bird | April 10, 2019

Many home baristas make the mistake of getting too excited over the latte art itself and underestimate the importance of good frothed milk. It might sound boring, but the art of steaming milk is the key to Instagram-worthy latte art.

Why Does My Coffee Taste Sour?

By Humming Bird | November 11, 2018

Wondering why your coffee taste sour? There are more than 800 aromatic compounds in a small coffee bean and every single thing you do could influence the overall taste. Without further ado, let us deep dive into these possible causes of the sour taste.

5 Coffee Brewing Tips That Will Make You a Better Home Barista

By Humming Bird | October 29, 2018

Just picked up a new hobby as a home barista? Even you have the best home coffee machine or the best coffee beans in Singapore, making a good cup of coffee isn’t as simple as you think. We sought out top 5 coffee brewing tips from a master barista that will help you to become a better home barista.

Best Coffee Beans in Singapore

Every bean has its story.

Since 2018, Frriday has been delivering freshly roasted coffee beans to home baristas who are looking for a different experience in brewing their own signature coffee. Aside from sourcing quality coffee beans from all over the world, we believe in producing the best-roasted coffee beans in Singapore through amalgamation between science and artisan mastery from our boutique roasters.

In addition, the optimal tasting period for roasted coffee beans is between 2 to 14 days after roast date, depending on the type of beans and roast. That is why we roast our coffee beans every single morning so by the time you receive it, you will receive the best-roasted coffee beans you can possibly get in Singapore.